Monday, September 21, 2009




Gather round, gang! I've decided to start a little Monday meme! This one is a standard-type meme! NOT! You enter this and you can actually gain entries into my giveaways!Rules for the True*Blue Monday Meme

  • Post a photo representing the theme. You can put your own spin on the interpretation!

  • This can be a single photo or a series of photos; ones you've taken yourself or those from a media site such as PhotoBucket

  • Grab the URL from your True*Blue post and enter into my MckLinky

  • When you participate in my meme, you get 5 Bonus Entries into any and ALL of my giveaways! That's 5 extra entries for EACH giveaway you enter!

  • Check out the list and for each True*Blue Monday participant you visit and leave a comment(including mine) you get 1 Extra Entry! So tell your readers, friends and relatives to head on over and sign up! The more participants, the more entries!

  • Check out the TWISTS for even more Bonus Giveaway Entries!

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