Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday

In 2010, I wish for peace in my heart and soul. I wish for peace in the lives of every soul I touch. I wish for the opportunity to touch each soul in the healing, reverent way that each individual soul needs. I wish that the communication with my husband on the Other Side continues to grow and expand with grace, understanding and recognition of The Mother and Father God Who has blessed our union to stretch into the Circle of Eternity...

For all of you who follow here, I wish you...LOVE IN ABUNDANCE.

Midweek Blues

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wednesday is Rednesday

Heliconia Red Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

White Wednesday

~White Wednesday

HGTV'S "RATE MY SPACE" /Heads or Tails Tuesday Meme

HGTV'S "Rate My Space"
I absolutely love HGTV! And one of my favorite shows is "Rate My Space"! In honor of this festive season, of course, we have "Rate My Space-Holidays" . This is my favorite! Please visit and vote for Daniel or your own favorite!

Holiday Decor

By: Daniel

Holiday Decor, my 100 year old Tudor style home looks lovely during the holidays., night view, the wreath looks great on the red door, Holidays Design

Night view, the wreath looks great on the red door.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

The Greens...Tuesday Meme


Green is the color of renewal, of beginning, of making a fresh start. I have always loved the color green and I've been searching for a meme using this wonderful hue. I really couldn't find one so I'll try it myself.

Here are the rules.

1. Post a photo representing the theme. You can put your own interpretative spin on the theme. After all-green is green. But with a myriad of shades and variations.

2. This can be one single photo or a series of photos; one's you've taken yourself or those from a media site such as

3. Grab the URL to your "The Greens..." post and come back here to enter it into my MckLinky.

Here's my PHOTO!

Memories Weekly Meme

Welcome to the Memories Meme!

I will list a series of questions. Visit; copy the questions; paste them to your own blog post; and answer. Come back here and leave your Memories blog post URL in MckLinky so we can visit you. You will have all week to get yours done! Cause this is a weekly meme that will be posted for you by Monday! Fair enough? RT CLICK the badge above for your blog post so we can know you're a participant.

Simple, isn't it?

Now let's see how good everyone's memories are!

1. Did you go to your prom? Who took you and what did the both of you wear?

2. Who was your babysitter? Did she/he follow your parent's rules or did you get to stay up late?

3. Did you get an allowance? Did you have assigned chores?

4. What was the first tragedy in your life and how did you get over it? Or have you?

6. How often did you cut school? Were you ever caught?

7. What was your favorite Saturday Morning cartoon when you were 10 years old?

8. As a child, what was your favorite Christmas?

9. Did you ever run away from home? Why? How old were you and how far did you get?

10. Do you remember Howdy Doody? The Lone Ranger and Tonto? Sky King? Lassie?

11. Did you ever go to a drive-in movie? What did you see?

Thanks for participating! Please come back next week!

Mellow Yellow Monday

2007-01-03 PC303003 Fibre Optic tree6.JPG Pictures, Images and PhotosMellowYellowBadge

The Memes I've Loved Before

Welcome to Ladyhightower's Meme Castle!
Ladyhightower's Castle for Memes is a safe haven where memes are invited to stay in order to rest but they rarely decide to leave. Life here in Ladyhightower's Great Hall is good for a meme, with peace and quiet and friends to play checkers with...