Monday, September 7, 2009

THE QUEEN'S MEME=WWWWW Pictures, Images and Photos
A newborn babe or a man, asleep.
do you just wanna smack?
Picard! He taketh all the straw for himself! I am so cold, my teeth chattereth!
Chattering teeth Pictures, Images and Photosdo you trust? 
I only trust myself, and Bart, the watchdragon. you talk to when you're alone?
I am n'er alone! The Great Wizard gave my parents that wish ere I was borne.
whizard Pictures, Images and Photos
...dangerous things do you do while driving?
Driving, my Queen? Uh, perchance I allowed George, that old grey gander to peck at mean Mr. Lance's shin whilst shooing the gaggle to the Royal Lake?
...are you allergic to?
Oh, forsooth, poorly written sonnets for the Bard promised me I deserveth only the best! And pickles in the cheese!
Shakespeare Pictures, Images and Photos Satan's last name? Twill be "Picard" if he dost not leave the serving wench alone! Canst thou please send a manservant next time? I'm begging thee!

Satan Pictures, Images and Photos the last thing that moved you?Begging the Queen's pardon, but it brought my very soul to tears reading thy missive to thy own father, Sir Dad. the freakiest thing in your house?
The meme, Web Crawling!
When..... it time to turn over a new leaf?

After the second time in the earth's journey 'round the sun that life tries to leave you.

    .earth Pictures, Images and Photos
...will you be all that you can be?
When thou taketh thy last breath...closed eyes Pictures, Images and Photos enough enough?
When thou enjoyeth thine own company more than any one else's.
alone Pictures, Images and Photos

                      you go to the dark side?                                                                                 N'er again. Tis far worse than Hades...Far worse than the black hole of Picard's Beyond...  Blue Black Hole Wallpaper Pictures, Images and Photos                


                                                                                ...are your pants?                                                                                       First of all, for shame, Your Majesty! Why doth thou asketh such a thing? Thou knowest a LADY dost not wear p..a..n..t..s! And are you insinuating that...No..NO you couldst not !Shame On You Pictures, Images and Photos                                                                                                                                           
                                                     ...where is your last will and testament?                                                      Safely locked away with The Great Wizard!   
whizard Pictures, Images and Photos your junk food stash? 
pompous Pictures, Images and Photos
                    I hast no need of a "stash"!( Such a common word, my Queen.)I come and go as I will and partake when I desire! At least I did until this trumped-up imprisonment!                                                               Carmen Sandiego?                                                                                         Dost thou have Carmen Sandiego hidden in thy dungeon? OMG! Dost not thou tell me you have thrown Sir Matthew Lauer in this dank place also. How could thee! Everyone willst be searching!
Matt Lauer Pictures, Images and Photos

Why.....                                  ...was the Lone Ranger alone?                                                                                                                                                              No other man would befriend Tonto. Together they righted the wrongs of The Wild West! Or so I've foreseen been told t'will happen! 

Lone Ranger & Tonto from TV Pictures, Images and Photos
...was The Scarlet Letter scarlet? 
The Scarlet Letter Pictures, Images and Photos
                                            If t'was written today, t'would be an everyday story!                                                                                                           ....are musicians sexy and plumbers not?                   Who sayeth thus! Have you not seen Mike, the plumber on "Desperate Housewives?" Just waiteth! I have foreseen been told...                                      Hot Plumber from Desperate Housewives Pictures, Images and Photos                                                                                
...are there no seat belts on school buses?
My Queen! Thou hast not spoken of such before. Are thee fey as well as I as the Great Wizard? Thy subjects will think thee mad if thou continueth such thoughts.Thou knowest that the dunderheads that rule that world think children are expendable!                                                                               
overturned school bus Pictures, Images and Photos
...swim the English Channel for a doughnut and coffee? If not that, what?
Are thou daft? If my own sweet daughter could live her life in peace, health, and happiness..Ah, then.
...forgive someone who deliberately hurt you?
Been there, donst that, far too many times.
broken heart Pictures, Images and Photos
...rather believe a lie if it hurt you less than the truth?
The truth willst always out and the pain runneth that much deeper.
red broken heart Pictures, Images and Photos still be alive if you were sucked out of an airplane window? Would you just float around in space for while?
My Queen! STOPPETH right now! An airplane? Floating in space? Be Careful or thou will be the lady in the dungeon with Picard and I shall be, free!Wow!!! Pictures, Images and Photos


Jean-Luc Picard said...

My Lady, I'll share my straw with you anytime. I have no desire of serving wenches. My answers are there for you...

Mimi Lenox said...

Oh, I am seeing a spark of sweet flirtation here...I love it.

Mimi Lenox said...

"The truth willst always out and the pain runneth that much deeper."

Ouch. That might smart.

The schoolbus picture was indeed scary. But Gracie's picture was very sweet.
If Matthew Lauer had spent time in the dungeon I would know it (!) and I would be there too.

Hey. What do you mean with that last response? Are you trying to overthrow the government around here?

Maybe I should think twice about letting you out, but Jean-Luc seemed so pleased that the two of you were finally free.
What I won't do for love....

You two try me so.

Finding Pam said...

"My Queen! STOPPETH right now! An airplane? Floating in space? Be Careful or thou will be the lady in the dungeon with Picard and I shall be, free!" This is too funny!

I loved all your answers. Your daughter is too cute.

jennifer said...

Your daughter is beautiful! A lovely Princess.

The school bus picture was horrifying.

Lisa said...

hahah that last picture cracked me up! Your answers and the accompanying photos were sheer perfection! :-) Good job!

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