Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Find Me Friday

A Gaggle of...Friday Meme

Welcome to My Meme!

This one is a little different and I challenge you to participate! Each Friday I will announce a different theme for the following week. So, you may ask, what are the themes about? Look closely at the picture in my above badge. Do you see a school of goldfish? This week's theme is:

A Gaggle of...? Or a Swarm of...?

There are several things that may fit here. I'm sure you'll catch on. We're working on names of groups of people, animals, things, insects, etc. Technically known as a COLLECTIVE NOUN. Check out my photos below if you need a hint!

Now all you have to do is post a photo on your blog, grab my badge so I know you're participating and come back here and place your POST URL into MckLinky!

Photos can be your own or from an image site like FLICKR or PHOTOBUCKET. Please identify those that aren't your own 'cause I'm going to have some contests periodically!

Now let's see what you can do!

My Photos

A Gaggle of...

A Swarm of...

Thursday Challenge-Energy

True Colours-Shades of Orange

orange Pictures, Images and PhotosLys orange Pictures, Images and PhotosOrange Rose Pictures, Images and Photos

ThisWay ThursWay

This Way Thurs-Way

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

When I saw this meme I became extremely excited! You se, I have my very own Punky Brewster or Blossom! Gracie is only 6 years old but she knows what she likes to wear and by golly, she does! I finally decided that if she thinks her outfits look good, then who am I to put down my little fashionesta? We've had all the discussions about co-ordinating colors and how stripes and plaids don't work, etc, etc. So she knows;she understands and chooses to do her own thing. So she has agreed to let mama chronicle her outfits within the confines of this meme. If you have your own Punky, won't you join us? This is gonna be fun!!

Her outfit today was actually kinds subdued. Her 1st grade class had a Thanksgiving Feast and made Pilgrim costumes so she decided to go a bit conservative. I apologize for the blur in the photo. She was so excited she wouldn't stay still!

Stay tuned! You haven't seen anything yet!

Midweek Blues-Blue Sponge

Wednesday is Rednesday

White Wednesday

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Heads It Is!"-Soft

The Greens...Tuesday Meme

Green is the color of renewal, of beginning, of making a fresh start. I have always loved the color green and I've been searching for a meme using this wonderful hue. I really couldn't find one so I'll try it myself.

Here are the rules.

1.  Post a photo representing the theme. You can put your own interpretative spin on the theme. After all-green is green. But with a myriad of shades and variations.

2. This can be one single photo or a series of photos; one's you've taken yourself or those from a media site such as

3. Grab the URL to your "The Greens..." post and come back here to enter it into my MckLinky.

Here's my PHOTO!

The Memes I've Loved Before

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