Thursday, October 1, 2009


Apple Basket & Butterfly.gif Pictures, Images and Photos
Denim & Apples? Intriquing combination, isn't it? Some of you already know that I get flahes of insight and creativity when I least expect it! Reality flies out the window and BOOM, THERE IT IS! That's exactly what happened just a few minutes ago. In a burst of insanity this idea for a new meme came to me! Oh, I know there are a million memes out there but I love'em and so don't be surprised if you see more from me!
So this is how it's gonna go!
basket of apples Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Every Thursday submit your URL to me here at the MCKLINKY for your POST of Denim & Apples.

  • basket of apples Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Submit you BEST photo of anything Denim Blue  AND anything with Apples OR CANDY APPLE RED. Together. ONE PHOTO. I don't mind if you post more than one photo! Just designate which one is the best! But remember Denim & Apples together! DENIM BLUE AND CANDY APPLE RED!

  • basket of apples Pictures, Images and Photos

  • BE CREATIVE! I have faith in all of you! Now if you don't have a camera it's ok to use any of the media sites like PhotoBucket or Flick

  • basket of apples Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Grab the Denim & Apples button and place it in your sidebar and your post so everyone can identify use as a participant!!

  • basket of apples Pictures, Images and Photos

  • After you sign up with MCKLINKY, leave a relevant comment or two. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! The 1st of every month, a random COMMENT will be selected and the WINNER will receive SOMETHING DENIM OR SOMETHING APPLE! Could be a denim vest or an apple strudel, a denim placemat or an apple pie. You just never know what I will come up with! OK! Here's my picks!

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