Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tell Me Thursday-Train's A Comin"

My oldest daughter is, as we speak,  on an Amtrak train traveling across the country from Ohio. She wants to start over again, to build a better life. She hasn't had it easy the last few months! Her fiance died on July 3 of a massive seizure. Shortly after, she had a tubal pregnancy that ruptured and she almost died. After the surgery she moved in with a so-called friend who I also know and warned her against. After a month-long stay with no heat, very little food, sleeping in and trying to recover in an old recliner, not being allowed to shower but once a week or more, she decided to ask for my help. So, although money is very tight here, I was able to get money for a train ticket and everything else needed. Of course that meant robbing Peter to pay Paul, but that's another story.

So the dynamics of our everyday lives is about to change. We all will have adjustments to make. The only one that I'm really worried about is Gracie. I'll keep you posted.  A few prayers would be welcomed!

1 comment:

Debi said...

Wow, at least you have space and a place for your daughter to come. Glad she reached out to ask for help.

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