Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tag! You're IT!

If you don't know what "Tag, you're it!" is,

take a peek here at the first post

or read below for instructions

"Tag, you're it" or "Tag Tuesday" is simply put,

a game of Tag ;)

You "Tag" your new friends and they "Tag" you as well.

(instead of leaving "following from..." comments which is what prompted me to start "Tag" since I heard the complaints of many friends)

The Special "quality" about "Tag, you're it" is that through this game,

you can post the url's to

your blog, twitter, facebook, networkedblogs,

and anywhere else you want followers in ;)

Today is Tuesday, New blank list goes up,

Remember "Tag, you're it" is open throughout the entire week, so feel free to continue to check it and "Tag" new friends

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